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Wood Underlayment Repair

Most homes today have a particle board wood underlayment installed on top of the subfloor in all areas where sheet vinyl flooring is used. This is a quality product and is an excellent application where ever moisture is not present.

However, on occasion, there may be a plumbing leak or a flood
from a variety of sources which damages and swells the underlayment. If this is not cut out and replaced with new material, moisture may be trapped in the area — which could cause mold and rot to develop.

If you can provide us with a matching piece of vinyl flooring large enough for the repair, we will cut out the damaged section of underlayment, leave the area "open" to dry for several days and then return to patch in the underlayment and vinyl flooring.

This puts the area back together in a way that provides a safe environment for your family and is aesthetically pleasing.

Please note:  If there is mold or mildew present in the area, it is the customer's responsibility to have it professionally eradicated.

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The vinyl floor and particle board underlayment were damaged due to a leaky shower. Note the underlayment missing from in front of the shower.

The client chose to patch the flooring because it was more convenient, and the results are amazing! No visual deficiencies and seams in materials constructed to be permanent.