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Squeaky Floor Corrections

Squeaky floors can be a source of ongoing irritation, especially in a newer home. There can be several things that cause floor squeaks including; loose sheeting, movement where the floor joists are fastened to the main beams or simply a nail that has come loose somewhere in the construction of the floor.

Because of the variables, these types of repairs require an on-site estimate.

What's involved in doing these types of corrections?  

a) The carpet is disengaged around the perimeter and pulled back to expose the subfloor (this may include moving furniture and opening carpet seams in doorways).      

b) Depending on the cause of the squeak, the sheeting is either re-fastened to the floor joists with screws or cut open to expose the floor joists and main beams.

c)  Repairs are done as required to correct squeaks, any removed sheeting is put back in place and the carpet is re-fitted in the affected areas.

It should be noted that a "squeak" is defined as a noise in the
subfloor that can be repeated while standing on one spot and is noticeable during normal walking in the area. Sporadic clicks, cracks etc. cannot always be corrected.

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Simply screwing down the subfloor sheeting does not always correct your floor squeak. There can be quite a maze of pipes and junctions built into your floor system. These create several areas where squeaks could develop and if they do, it may require cutting open the sheeting to access these areas to allow for successful repairs.