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Carpet Re-stretching

When your carpet starts to ripple, bulge along the walls or dip at the seams, it's time to get it re-stretched before it develops into permanent damage!  

Trying to correct this by using short cuts is common in the industry because it can be less expensive in the short term and less inconvenient, but the results are also short term.

At Progressive Flooring Solutions Inc. we will ensure that your carpet is re-stretched according to IICRC & CRI guidelines, which include the following:

  • rooms must be emptied of furniture to ensure an even stretch
  • areas are power-stretched
  • all necessary patching at heat vents and at jogs along the perimeter of the room and all necessary re-seaming at doorways is done using methods that ensure permanent and inconspicuous corrections.

Please note: In some situations where wide baseboard has been installed after the carpet, it may be necessary to remove the baseboards in order to disengage the carpet along the perimeter. If requested, we are able to do this for the customer, but all filling and paint touch ups will be the customer's responsibility.

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Carpet left without regular maintenance can become unsightly and can even deteriorate into a dangerous tripping hazard. Compared to replacement cost, having your carpet professionally re-stretched is inexpensive and practical.