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Carpet Inspections

Looking for a honest diagnosis of your carpet complaint? Don't know if the explanations you are getting are fair and accurate? Is this really within "Industry Specifications" or is there a deficiency with the product, installation or application?

We can take the guess work out of it by delivering qualified, objective inspections done by our IICRC certified Senior Carpet Inspector. 

With every carpet inspection, we provide a professional report complete with photos and field tests (where applicable) to document your concerns and to substantiate our conclusions. (Lab testing may be required in certain circumstances at additional cost).

Basic residential carpet inspection available to end-user/consumer for $275.

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When a carpet backing delaminates (separation of primary and secondary
backings), it usually causes ripples in the carpet, seam separation and/or deterioration of the carpet at transitions to other floor coverings. But what if there is a disagreement about what caused the carpet to delaminate? Is it due to a factory flaw, improper installation, water or pet damage or...?

An objective, professional carpet inspection will provide you with accurate answers to your questions.